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    5 ft. 4 in.
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    Some College
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Let me be frank; from the very beginning with me you will always find the answers to all of your questions. I want to clear up all the doubts and never pretend to be someone I am not. I am an open and self-confident lady who always knows what she wants from this life, together we can reach the peak of happiness. You will not hear that you are my destiny, I do not believe in fate, just in actions and ourselves. I will not promise you all the stars from the sky, but can give my word to love you till the end if we decide to become a couple. Why do we need those distant cold planets when we can have all the evenings together filled with passion, tenderness and family coziness? My friends admit they love my sense of humor and some believe, that a good sense of humor is a sign of intellect, so, assume that I am smart, as well. But to be honest, I do not like talking about myself, drop me a few lines about yourself?

What I am looking for

I really hope to meet a man with a strong character, who is not afraid of responsibility, who is persistent and purposeful, with kind loving heart and who is ready to make our dreams real, it is high time. Sure, building trust and relations being distanced is difficult, but if you are my man, we will overcome everything together and I will love you through the ups and downs, cherishing all of your imperfections. Are you ready for the same? When you are looking at me, do you feel a heating desire to try your chance? Are you a risk taker to make this step to our future? If all the answers are "Yes", then what are we waiting on? I do not need a Prince with a tired horse, I need a simple man, who is ready to love, and I will make him my King.