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    6 ft. 0 in.
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    Few Extra Pounds
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    Yes, living elsewhere


Year of the Horse. Virgo. I am ALLERGIC to cats. So, if you love cats, I am NOT your guy. I have children from a previous marriage. I am not looking for the perfect woman, I am just looking for the woman that is perfect for me. I want to live in Hawaii someday. I also like to work with my hands. I enjoy most music, movies, plays, concerts and so forth. I like to hike, camp, fish and explore new places. I really like to travel. I enjoy exercising and cooking! I followed my heart in the past which left me broken-hearted. So, this time I am taking a more logical approach. Well, that is not very romantic. And if you choose to stop reading and go on to the next profile, I would not blame you. Having said that, I want to find the woman for whom I could die. The woman who I want to sacrifice for and whose happiness I live to see. In the past, it has been attraction and becoming “swept-up” in all those emotions. I want to take some time, learn about you, and get past the uncomfortable silences before committing to spend eternity with you. I hope that makes sense. If it does not, then you really should go to the next profile!

What I am looking for

Looking for a woman who is compatible with me. I like a woman who takes care of herself, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My ideal woman has a pleasant perfumed aroma. She knows how communicate well. She realizes that we are team. She knows how important it is to look her best for me as I know it is important to stay in shape for her. She needs to be able to express herself emotionally AND sexually. I am a "physical expression" type. I need/respond to touch, caress, kiss, hug and of course sex. I do not NEED to be married. If I choose to be, it will be with a woman who has similar tastes, values, spirituality, and goals as I do. I would like to spend my time traveling and seeing the world once I retire. If you are intent on writing me, my name is David E. Barclay II.