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    5 ft. 10 in.
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    Masters Degree
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    Yes, living elsewhere


I'm looking for an L.T.R. and/or Marriage.It has been 5 years since my Wife past, and I believe That I am ready to share my heart, body, and soul with the one last Special Lady who can share her Heart, Body, and Soul with me for the rest of our lives. As I think about going on that first date with the Lady that I meet, I already get weak in the knees, I can just see it now when the big event arrives, just like the very first time: a complete nervous wreck, I almost fainted when she held my hand. But now I'm ready, I'm brave, I can handle this. ( Gulp )I am a Devoted one Lady Man and I will Respect and Cherish this Lady for an Eternity.I'm not sure what you would call it, But, I really like to hug and be hugged, and I love to cuddle and to hold hands whenever I can.I like to hold you close and hold you tight so I can feel every breath that you take and just sway back and forth as our Hearts beat together as one. On a warm summer night, I would like to find a beach and spread out a large towel and lay back with you in my arms and just space out on the stars and all that moves from beyond while the sounds of nature serenade us. As we had just noticed that we were all alone. How bold do you feel, I said with a smile, Off came the clothes as we jumped in for awhile,I'm just so very tired of living alone. There must be one Special Lady out there that wants a Man that is Compassionate, Loving, Understanding, Considerate, Very Romantic, Funny, Sensitive, Honest, and more, plus I am very sensitive to your Needs, Wants, and Desires. I will see that your Needs are met, that your Wants are very few to none, and I will Delicately tend to your Desires. When I fall in Love I give it all, My Heart is Yours.I would very much like to get married or to be in a life-long relationship. I am and always have been a devoted one Lady Man.

What I am looking for

You know,when I look back, I have not been on that first date since 1994,. I will do my best to make it a real good first date.Oh well, stuck, It looks good on paper.stuck, I will ask you what you would like to do. I'm game as long as it is with-in reason, cause I am kind-of shy and old fashion in many ways.Then if you would like , we could just have coffee and talk, goes for a walk.