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    5 ft. 0 in.
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    High School
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    Hospitality Tourism
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    No, but eventually


well wat can i say most of you no me and or have met me the very luck few but you all no that i am top of the woods baby ( of my movie hood winked ) lol jj nah i am short yea ok ok i no i just statied the most ovieas thing in the world but hey i had to say it lol ang i cute well no not really but i like to think i am well someones got to and that someone is me so there oh i no i love sport hahahahaha i told you i would keep telling you pink pink how could i forget the most wonderful colour on this amazing planet hmm wat else umm i am strange but not in a bad way i meani am strange as in if this world did not have ppl like me they would be bord and sad lol ok maybe not that bad but close unff gee wiz i think you no to much about me already so i will stop now i think oh yea i do like to talk lot anlot oh yea and LOTS ok ok i am goimg now LOL

What I am looking for

Friendship, Dating, Long-term Relationship