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I'm here looking to talk and that's all. I'm 5'5" and nowhere near thin in my eyes. My husband and friend call me their evil caniving bit**..........I really have no idea why lol.
Music: I will listen to just about anything but i mainky like Pink, Evanecense(sorry for spelling) and the late 90's early 200 country. the new stuff kinda bugs me.
TV: Food network. Myth Busters. Things like that.
Books: Anything i can get into. books aren't my main interest of anything.
Sports: I don't like sports really.
Interests: I'm into almost everything, and nothing. i like to sit at home most of the time but go out every now and then too.
Movies: Vin Deisel, Anjelina Jolie. I don't care if the mans gay or not he's bad ass in my book!
BestFeatures: My hair. Appearently everyone loves it but me lol.
Dreams: My dreams already mostly came true when I had my son and got married.

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